Preschool, Pre-K & Kindergarten Academic Overview

Foundations Academy
  • Preschool Academic Overview

    This is the first experience for many of our children in a Christian academic community. They will experience a loving, safe environment in which to explore while learning of God’s love. Preschool lays the foundation for their future academic endeavors.  We use ABeka phonics and reading readiness to begin introducing letters and sounds. Handwriting without Tears is used to introduce letter formation. The children begin to recognize shapes and colors.  They have the opportunity to learn through play and interaction in our specially developed center areas.


  • Pre-K Academic Overview

    Pre-K children continue in their foundations with ABeka phonics and reading readiness as they begin to blend letters together to make words. Understanding their individuality is important as they master writing their names and begin learning through play with their peers. These students have the opportunity to experience developmentally appropriate milestones.


  • Kindergarten Academic Overview

    Our kindergarten is the highest level of our Foundations Academy.  The children in kindergarten continue using ABeka for reading, phonics, and math. They receive a solid foundation in the skills needed to be well prepared for first grade. Our kindergarten students complete the Foundations Academy with a solid reading and math foundation as well as hands on experiences to enrich their learning.


2 Hour School Delay

We are on a 2 hour delay.