Mission & Vision

Albuquerque Christian School: providing Christ-centered, quality academics.
  • Expected Student Outcomes

    Albuquerque Christian School will graduate students from eighth grade who:
    • Are skilled in reading, writing, listening, thinking, and speaking
    • Show proficiency in math and science
    • Exhibit the skills needed to question and problem solve
    • Utilize resources to find, analyze, and evaluate information
    • Display competencies needed to succeed in high school
    • Understand the importance of a personal relationship with Christ
    • Articulate and defend their Christian worldview
    • Engage in acts of service for their community
    • Experience a Christian community in order to mentor and be mentored
    • Discover their God-given gifts in order to further the kingdom of Christ
  • ACS is where children grow spiritually and academically

    in Christ's love to become the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Academies of Albuquerque Christian School

  • Foundations Academy

    This is where our Pre-school, Pre-kindergarten, and Kindergarten students receive their foundation in Christian Education. Christian and academic foundations are taught in a loving environment that takes into consideration the developmental needs of the children. Students leave the Foundations academy with an understanding of the fact that God loves you. 

  • Fundamentals Academy

    Given the foundation of love, our first through fourth grade students begin to apply their foundation to succeed in learning the skills needed for proficiency in academic areas as well as applying scripture and history to their daily lives and choices. The students will receive consistent, quality instruction in all academic areas. Students leave the Fundamentals academy with a solid understanding of basic academic principles as well as an understanding that all scripture is true and applicable. 

  • Discipleship Academy

    Given the foundation and fundamentals needed for their Christian walk, our fifth through eighth grade students will show academic competencies in order to defend their faith and share with others. Students will continue to receive consistent, quality instruction in order to demonstrate their proficiency in all academic areas and develop skills in analytical thinking, group dynamics, time management, and articulation. Students leave the Discipleship academy with a solid Christian education and meet all of the expected student outcomes of Albuquerque Christian School.

2 Hour School Delay

We are on a 2 hour delay.