Elementary Academics Overview

  • First Grade Academic Overview

    First grade begins our fundamentals academy. After receiving a solid foundation, our first graders are ready to continue their educational program with ABeka reading, spelling, phonics, math, health, and history along with Scott-Foresman Science. Purposeful Design Bible is introduced at this grade level. First grade also begins the 6 Traits Writing Program. Our teachers provide enrichment activities to include a variety of learning styles.

  • Second Grade Academic Overview

    Second grade continues the fundamentals academy with Abeka language, spelling, math, and history as well as Scott-Foresman health and science and Purposeful Design Bible. The second graders also continue with the 6 Traits Writing Program. Their reading program is enriched with chapter books and projects. Second graders are developing both their independent and cooperative learning skills.

  • Third Grade Academic Overview

    Continuing in our fundamentals academy, third grade students have Abeka language, spelling, math, and health. Reading is enriched with Bob Jones and continues with the 6 Traits Writing Program.  The students have Scott-Foresman Science and Purposeful Design Bible. Third graders also begin cursive writing using Handwriting without Tears. 

  • Fourth Grade Academic Overview

    Fourth grade is the last level in our fundamentals academy. They continue with Abeka language, spelling and History. Our Fourth graders also have a unit on New Mexico History which culminates in a New Mexico History Day presentation. They continue with Purposeful Design Bible, 6 Traits Writing, and an enriched reading program. This is the first year the students use Saxon math.

2 Hour School Delay

We are on a 2 hour delay.