ACS Annual Fund FAQ's

  • We already pay tuition, why are we being asked to pay more?

    Currently, our tuition and fees cover approximately 80% of our operational costs. Our ACS Annual Fund will fill that gap to cover all of the mission-critical expenses necessary to deliver an excellent Christ-centered education. In addition, the ACS Annual Fund is also designed to enhance the school’s ability to deliver an excellent education to our students through a higher degree of program excellence than what the investment of tuition alone can provide. 

    Why doesn’t tuition cover all expenses?

    We could increase tuition to include all mission-enhancement expenses, but it would drive the cost of tuition to levels that would be prohibitive to some of our families. Annual giving helps keep tuition increases to a moderate level.

    What does the Annual Fund go toward?

    Funds are dedicated to supporting the following: The ACS mission, ACS students and teachers, and ACS special programs. Your charitable gift will help us meet 100% of our mission-critical costs while still providing an excellent Christian education that utilizes innovative curriculum and teaching practices. At ACS, we strive to keep our tuition affordable for all of our families and accessible to those who desire to partner with us in our mission of Christian education, but might have financial difficulty in doing so. Our teachers benefit from professional development opportunities that allow them to remain experts in their field. Athletics, technology and enrichments at ACS play a huge role in the development of our students and are supported by the ACS Annual Fund. 

    What dollar amount should I give?

    We encourage you to give according to your blessing and ability; all gifts are valued and appreciated regardless of the amount. The most important goal of the ACS Annual Fund is a high level of participation. We want everyone associated with the school, including parents, teachers, board members, alumni to demonstrate their support for the mission of Albuquerque Christian School by giving to the ACS Annual Fund. A high percentage of participation in the ACS Annual Fund also enhances the school’s chances to receive grants from charitable foundations.

    Can I give monthly, quarterly, or just a one-time gift?

    You may give however frequently you wish. Just let us know your preference. Many donors make end-of-year gifts to maximize their tax-deductions. Others make gifts from bonuses or refunds that they receive at various times throughout the year.

    Can I pay with a credit card?

    Absolutely. Instructions for online giving may be found at

    Can the school bill me?

    Yes, we are more than happy to send you reminders based on your payment preferences. 

    Will this fund eliminate all other fundraisers?

    While it won’t eliminate all fundraisers, our goal is to significantly reduce the number and frequency of fundraising appeals. Consolidating fundraising activities into one ACS Annual Fund drive frees our teachers, coaches, and directors to focus their time and energy on teaching, coaching, and directing rather than on raising money. Plus, 100% of funds raised from charitable giving benefit the students and teachers.

    What is the total goal and timeframe?

    Our primary goal is to achieve the highest participation level possible. Our ultimate goal is to achieve 100% participation. Donations received between August 1, 2017 and July 31, 2018 are credited to the 2017-2018 ACS Annual Fund. We first launched the ACS Annual Fund August 1st with our school board, faculty and staff and are pleased to announce that we’ve had 100% participation pledged from those individuals. Everyone at Albuquerque Christian School is fully invested in committing to Christian education here at ACS.

    Why is it from August 1, 2017-July 31, 2018?

    These dates coincide with our fiscal year. Gifts received after July 31 will be credited to next year’s ACS Annual Fund.

    What is the difference between a capital campaign and an Annual Fund?

    Capital campaigns raise money for brick and mortar improvements. The ACS Annual Fund raises money for operational needs and enhancements.

    What are the tax benefits?

    ACS Annual Fund gifts are tax deductible per the IRS published guidelines. Albuquerque Christian School is a 501(c)(3) organization as recognized by the IRS.

    What are matching gifts?

    Many companies will match the giving of their employees to charitable causes, thus increasing the impact of your donation. Please check with your company or organization to see if they offer a gift-matching program.

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